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Thompson J Stimpel

"An Architect of Possibilities"

Thom Stimpel is the Founder & Managing Director of Proactive Business Improvements, llc - a global business advisory group formed in 2002.   As a transformational leader with more than 35 years of multi-product, multi-market, multi-national experience,  Thom is  recognized for his unique ability to convert "strategic concepts" into "operational realities".  

Acknowledged for his decisive management style and ability to create high-performance self-directed teams, his articulate and conversant approach influences excellent communications throughout an organization.  

Thom is the author of  "The Entrepreneurial Mindset" - a book written to help  defeat  the epidemic  of small business failures in the US.   He also hosts the weekly podcast "The Entrepreneurs' Guild" and manages a Facebook  Community of the same name.  In 2022 he will complete and launch a remote, self-paced, two-part training program, with weekly live support sessions, designed for aspiring, novice and seasoned entrepreneurs who want their businesses to thrive. 

CONTACT  INFORMATION                  603.361.1158

Visit for access to two podcasts, and the new book "The Entrepreneurial Mindset",

with content designed for seasoned professionals, novice business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

New podcasts are posted every week.

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